A dog´s paw pad serve a multitude of basic and specialized functions. In addition to the task of protecting the joints during impact (running, playing, hiking, jumping) by absorbing shock they also contain scent and sweat glands, which are useful for territorial marking and temperature control. Paw pads have a thick layer of fatty tissue that insulates the inner foot tissues from extreme temperatures, as it doesn´t conduct cold as quickly. The inner layer of skin on the paws has sweat glands that convey perspiration to the outer layer of skin, which helps cool a hot dog and keeps the pads from getting too dry.

What causes dry, rough or cracked dog paw pads?

A dog`s paw pads are firm and thick, since they are designed by nature to endure tough surfaces. But durable as they are, a dog´s paws are still susceptible to soreness, burns, bruises, blisters and scrapes.

Ice, snow, salt and other chemicals can all be harmful to a dog´s paws, but also walking on extremely heat surfaces, or on rough, rocky grounds.

The paw pads of your dog´s paws are tough, cushioned and can take a lot of punishment. That doesn´t mean they can´t be hurt and if they are hurt, sometimes healing is slow.


Check the pavement. The sun heats everything it shines on, but in summer it can be especially deadly. Asphalt, concrete, sand, gravel and rock can heat up rapidly and to temperatures that will burn your dog´s paws. It is very easy: “If it is too hot for you to walk barefoot, it´s too hot for your dog as well”.

Check your dog´s feet carefully after a long hike or extended period of time running outside in warm or cold weather, remove any debris, ice or snow that you find between the toes and inspect the claws. If his paws are dirty wash them using a mild soap or warm water and dry them thoroughly.

Check your dog´s paws regularly. Chances are you can catch any paw issues early if you make checking your dog´s paws part of your normal routine.

This paw belongs to my 10 1/2 year old “pup” Spencer

Prep the paws

If your dog´s paws are dry, rough or slightly cracked, but not bleeding, you can condition the paws with DOGZ and DOGZ natural Paw Balm which has antibacterial properties to prevent infection while the skin heals.

Our organic Dog Paw Balm is specially formulated to heal dry, chapped dog paw pads. Unscented with the moisturizing power of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Shea Butter this organic blend is easily absorbed into the skin to deeply nourish and protect. Our natural paw balm deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin without beeing greasy.

Read more about our all-natural ingredients here

Apply DOGZ and DOGZ Paw Balm to clean, dry paws at least twice a day, or more if needed, and gently massage into the pads. Repeat 2 x daily for 1-3 days or till paws improve. After the paw has recovered use daily to protect paw from dryness and cracking.

Our organic Paw Balm can also be used as a soothing paw massage balm for the tired  paws of our senior dogs. Spencer loves it and I am very sure your dog will love this pampering treatment too.

organic dog paw balm

Dogz and Dogz Dog Paw Balm deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin – making your dogs paw pads smooth and healthy again.


Consider Dog Shoes

If your dog has an injury to the paw it will be important to cover the dog´s foot for an optimal recovery. Shoes will help keep the wound clean until it fully heals.

Dog shoes are also highly recommended when planning a long hike in rough terrain or a long walk in winter with your dog. Even a trip to the beach can irritate sensitive dog paws.